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Name:Good News Week: Fandom Done Oh So Right
Website:GNW at
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Community description:The crack den of Good News Week fandom.
This, boys and girls and things, is the home for all manner of fannishness about our much-loved Good News Week.

There are only a few rules.

1: Please put big images, videos or long posts behind a cut. Not everyone who comes here has a great internet connection, and this stuff can eat pretty deeply into your downloads.

2: Tag your posts properly so other people can find them.

3: Be polite. If you're going to disagree with a statement or critique a fic/batch of icons, try to avoid being nasty about the person who posted it. It's about the post, not the user.

4: If you have a problem, contact one of your friendly mods: [personal profile] orbitaldiamonds or [profile] vasco_pajama! :)
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